Welcome, if you are a newcomer seeking help for drug abuse or addiction Narcotics Anonymous can help.

Many addicts have started in the same place you are right now, with the same feelings of despair. We had tried everything we could on our own efforts to stop using drugs, and no matter how long we managed to stay clean (if at all) we ended up eventually using again. With a low self-esteem, and a high amount of guilt and shame we found Narcotics Anonymous and with our tails tucked went to our first meeting as a newcomer.

For those of us who managed to hold on and keep doing this we began to realize that there were other addicts that were just like us, with the same story, only they were staying clean. How were they doing this? It was almost too good to be true, unless maybe it was a miracle. This miracle is Narcotics Anonymous and it is working in the lives of many addicts just like you. Do yourself a favor, give yourself a break, and find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting today and experience this miracle for yourself. You deserve it!

This area is for you, it is designed to help you get started on the path toward recovery. A path that just for today is keeping many addicts clean. To get started just click on: Am I an Addict?